Do E Cigarettes Help?

Do Electronic Cigarettes Help When You Are Trying to Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is a difficult thing for anyone to do. Some people manage to go ‘cold turkey’, but for others, it’s easier to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that they take in, while at the same time getting used to doing something other than smoking a cigarette. Breaking the physical habits of lighting up a cigarette is just as important as breaking the biological addiction.

Nicotine patches are costly and only solve part of the problem. Gum doesn’t work for everyone, and nicotine inhalers don’t quite give the same hit as a real cigarette. Replacing traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes is a good option (see Top Electronic Cigarette Brands | Best E Cigs Reviews), and if you do it right and follow a system when you’re trying to quit, then you’ll find that it can work quite well.

Quitting With E-Cigs

Quitting smoking with e-cigarettes requires some planning. Otherwise it’s quite easy to only replace one smoking habit with another. The trick is to figure out the right dose of nicotine to take, and to moderate your intake so that you gradually wean yourself off nicotine.

It’s a good idea to start with a vapor that contains as much nicotine as possible, and then, once you’ve mastered using e-cigarettes (vaping is slightly different to smoking), you should drop down a nicotine level. This is told by the electronic cigarette association: Best Electronic Cigarette Brands & Reviews For 2016

Stick with that level for a couple of months, then when you feel comfortable with that amount of nicotine, move down in concentration again. Each time, try to make sure that you aren’t smoking more often or taking more drags each vaping session. Be mindful of your intake, and let it stabilize before you start moving to lower and lower concentrations.

Once you’re ready to hit the lower strength stuff, you’ll find that you start leaving your e-cigarettes in the car, or at home. You won’t feel the urge to take them anywhere near as often, and you’ll find that while you do still experience nicotine cravings, you won’t be quite as angsty about not being able to smoke immediately. You should be able to go several hours at a time without needing to smoke – so you’re smoking less nicotine at a time, and you’re going longer between sessions – you’re well on the way to being a real ‘nonsmoker’.

From there, the challenge is breaking the physical “tic” of smoking. Once you’ve almost weaned yourself off nicotine, you’ll find that you are mostly only smoking out of habit. Stop carrying your e-cig around with you. Designate times where you are allowed to smoke, and do it then if you must, but go through large chunks of the day without smoking at all, until your identity becomes that of a non-smoker.

Eventually, you can scale down to zero strength nicotine, just to give you something to do with your hands while you work on breaking the habituation. Then, if you want to stop wasting money on vapors, you can just quit smoking entirely.

How Long Does Quitting Take?

The entire process can take several months, but it does work. And for most people quitting slowly in this way is more effective than going cold turkey, and cheaper than using patches or gum. In the long run, you will save a lot of money compared to remaining a smoker, and current wisdom is that smoking e-cigs are better for you than smoking traditional cigarettes (although this is something that does need more testing). There are some concerns over the different kinds of vapor that are available – and some of them may not be as “healthy” as others. This depends on the base that the flavoring and nicotine is added to, but most do appear to be better for you in the short term than the additives that are found in traditional cigarettes.

So, why not give it a go today? You have nothing to lose but the cost of the cigarette itself, but you can get fairly good starter packs for just a small amount of money these days, and the liquids and waxes are cheap too. It is possible to beat nicotine addiction and live a longer, healthier life – where you waste less money too!

Hopefully this has helped you decide if e cigarettes can help you quit smoking or not. We highly believe that they will help you, but you have to decide that for yourself.